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আজকের পোস্টে বিভিন্ন পরীক্ষাতে আসার উপযোগী 500+ A to Z Idioms and Phrases With Bengali Meaning PDF দেওয়া হল। যেগুলি WBCS, BCS, PSC, Rain, Kolkata Police, SSC, Group D, Primary Tet, Upper Primary Tet সহ বিভিন্ন পরীক্ষাতে খুবই কার্যকরী ভূমিকা পালন করবে।

What is Idioms in Bengali/Bangla (বাংলাতে “Idioms” (ইডিয়ম) কাকে বলে?

ইংরেজি “Idioms” এর বাংলা অর্থ হল “বাগধারা“। বাংলাতে যেমন আমরা বাগধারা (Bagdhara) করে থাকি সেরকম ইংরেজিতে Idioms করতে হয়।

Bangla Academy Dictionary- সংজ্ঞা অনুসারে Idioms-হল কোনো ব্যক্তির ভাষিক বিকাশের কোনো নির্দিষ্ট স্তরে অর্জিত তাঁর সামগ্রিক ভাষাজ্ঞান ই হল “Idioms”

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একটি বাগধারা একটি শব্দগুচ্ছ বা অভিব্যক্তি যা সাধারণত একটি আলংকারিক, অ-আক্ষরিক অর্থকে বাক্যাংশের সাথে সংযুক্ত করে; কিন্তু কিছু শব্দগুচ্ছ শব্দগুচ্ছের আক্ষরিক অর্থ ধরে রেখে রূপক বাগধারায় পরিণত হয়। সূত্রভিত্তিক ভাষা হিসেবে শ্রেণীবদ্ধ, একটি বাগধারার রূপক অর্থ আক্ষরিক অর্থ থেকে ভিন্ন।

আপনি পড়তে পারেনঃ 500+ বাংলা বাগধারা (Bangla Bagdhara) তালিকা PDF

Idioms meaning in bengali/Idioms-এর বাংলা অর্থ কি?

Idioms-কে বাংলাতে বিভিন্ন অর্থে ব্যবহার করা হয়ে থাকে নিচে তালিকার মাধ্যমে দেখানো হল-

Idioms meaning in bengali

Idioms and Phrases With Bengali Meaning

Idioms and Phrases Beginning With ‘A’

  1. A B.C. (প্রাথমিক জিনিস)- He does not know the A. B. C of politics.
  2. Above all (প্রধানত)-Rabindranath is, above all, a cosmopolitan personality.
  3. Above board (অকপট)- His dealings are open and above board.
  4. A black sheep (কুলঙ্গার)- There is a black sheep in our club.
  5. A hard nut to crack (কঠিন সমস্যা)- The food problem is a hard nut to crack.
  6. A great deal of (প্রচুর পরিমাণে)- It will bring a great deal of good to our village.
  7. A man of letters (বিদ্বান ব্যক্তি). He is a man of letters.
  8. A bed of roses (ফুলশয্যা)- Life is not a bed of roses.
  9. According to (অনুসারে)- I shall do this work according to your advice.
  10. After all (মোটের উপর)- He is, after all, an honest man.
  11. All the same (একই কথা)- It is all the same whether you go or not.
  12. All in all (সর্বেসর্বা – He is all in all in the class.
  13. All in (পরিশ্রান্ত)- I was all in after the meeting.
  14. All at once (হঠাৎ)- All at once the crazy man shouted to the top of his voice.
  15. All one to (একই কথা, কিছু আসে যায় না এমন)- It is all one to me whether he helps me or not.
  16. All out (সর্বশক্তি প্রয়োগ)- The government has made its all-out efforts to remove illiteracy from the country.
  17. All along (আগাগোড়া)- I was present there all along.
  18. All over (সর্বত্র)- The dog is found all over the world.
  19. All over with (সর্বস্বান্ত)- It is all over with the old man.
  20. All but (প্রায়) The work is all but finished.
  21. All on (of) a sudden (হঠাৎ)- All on (of) a sudden, he went to Bogra.
  22. All the while (সর্বক্ষণ)- the while he was with me.
  23. Apple of discord (বিবাদের বিষয়)- The plot of the land is the apple of discord between the two brothers.
  24. As it were (যেন)- The moon is, as it were,a dish of gold.
  25. As usual (যথারীতি)- He arrived at school at 8 a.m as usual.
  26. As a rule (নিয়ম অনুসারে)- As a rule, she kept silent in the meeting.
  27. As if (যেন)- He behaves as if he were the owner of the house.
  28. As though (যেন)- He behave as though he were the owner of the house.
  29. As for (সম্বন্ধে)- As for myself, I am innocent.
  30. As to (বিষয়ে)- We decided as to where to go for a walk.
  31. As regards (সম্বন্ধে)- He knows nothing as regards this occurrence.
  32. At a stretch (একটানা)- I can walk five miles at a stretch.
  33. At all (আদৌ)- I do not like him at all.
  34. At large (স্বাধীনভাবে)- Birds fly at large in the sky.
  35. At sixes and sevens (এলোমেলোভাবে). The books were at sixes and sevens on the table.
  36. At times (মাঝে মাঝে)- He at times comes here.
  37. At the eleventh hour (শেষ সময়ে)- He reached the station at the eleventh hour.
  38. At daggers drawn (শত্রুভাবাপন্ন)-The two brothers are at daggers drawn with each other.
  39. At all events (যাহাই হোক না কেন)- He will stand by me at all events.
  40. At any cost (যে কোন প্রকারে)- He must help me at any cost.
  41. At dead of night (গভীর রাতে)- The boy came home at dead of night.
  42. At ease (শান্তিতে বা আরামে)- A man who has enemies cannot live at ease.
  43. At one’s wit’s end(হতবুদ্ধি) – I am at my wit’s end what to do.
  44. At every step (প্রতি পদক্ষেপে)- He disturbed me at every Step.
  45. At length (দীর্ঘদিন পরে)- At length, he did the work.
  46. At last (অবশেষে)- He tried hard, and at last succeeded in achieving his goal.
  47. At least (কমপক্ষে)- He is the owner of thirty lakh rupees at least.
  48. At best (বেশীর পক্ষে)- I can give you ten takes at best.
  49. At the point of (পর্যায়ে)- He is at the point of death.
  50. At home in (দক্ষ)- He is at home in Algebra.
  51. At all costs (যতই ক্ষতি হউক না কেন)- I shall help you at all costs.
  52. Above all (মোটের ওপর)- He is, above all, a poet. 
  53. An open secret (উন্মুক্ত রহস্য)- He is addicted to drinking is an open secret.
  54. Again and again (বার বার)- He warned me again and again.
  55. Arm in arm (অভিসন্ধি ও সম্পাদনা)- We have no art and part in his affairs.

Idioms and Phrases for WBCS Beginning WithB

  1. Bag and baggage (তল্পিতল্পাসহ) He left the hostel bag and baggage.
  2. Bad blood (শ্ত্রুতা)- There should be no bad blood between neighbors.
  3. Bad book (খারাপ নজর)- The secretary has fallen in the bad book of the manager.
  4. Bad names (গালমন্দ)- He called the man bad names.
  5. Bear away the bell (সর্বপ্রথম হওয়া)- Will she be able to bear away the bell?
  6. Bear fruit (ফলপ্রসু হওয়া)- Your request will not bear fruit in this case.
  7. Beck and call (অনুগত)- the servant is always at his master’s beck and call.
  8. Before long (শ্রীঘ্রই, অচিরেই)- His business will flop down before long because he is not a good manager.
  9. Bee-line (সোজাপথ)- Our school is one mile away from here on the bee line.
  10. Beside the mark (অপ্রাসঙ্গিক)- What he has written is beside the mark.
  11. Between two fires (উভয় সংকট)- Now the old man is between two fires.
  12. Black and blue (বেদম প্রহার) He beat the dog black and blue.
  13. Black and white (লিখিতভাবে)- She put her address in black in white and gave it to me.
  14. Bid fair (দেখে মনে আশা জাগা)- The girl bids fair to be a great artist in the future.
  15. Body and soul (পুরোপুরি)- She gave herself body and soul to the pursuit of name and fame.
  16. Bosom friend (ঘনিষ্ঠ বন্ধু)- Keats was Shelley’s bosom friend.
  17. Brown study (দিবাস্বপ্ন)- The women is absorbed in brown study.
  18. Burning question (জরুরী সমস্যা) Housing is a burning question facing our country.
  19. Bid fair (আশা প্রদান করা) The boy bids fair to shine in life.
  20. Big bug (গুরুত্বপূর্ণ)- The chairman is a big bug of the union council.
  21. Beggar’s description (অবর্ননীয়). The misery of the people baggar’s description.
  22. Beyond question (সন্দেহাতীত). His honesty is beyond question.
  23. By dint of/ By virtue of (বলে)- He stood first by virtue of his merit.
  24. By fits and starts (অনিয়মিতভাবে). He reads by fits and starts.
  25. By leaps and bounds (দ্রুত গতিতে). The price of rice is going up by leaps and bounds.
  26. By and by (শীঘ্রই)- He will go there by and by.
  27. By dint of (বলে বা দৌলতে)- He succeeded by dint of hard labor.
  28. By far (সর্বদিক থেকে)- He is by far the best man in the area.
  29. By the by (কথা প্রসঙ্গে) By the by he told me a story.
  30. By turns (পর্যায়ক্রমে)- The two brothers worked by turns.
  31. By way of (প্রসঙ্গে)- He told me the story by way of an example.
  32. By all means (অবশ্যই) You should, by all means, help me.
  33. By no means (কোন প্রকারেই না) You should by no means waste your time.
  34. By any means (যে কোন প্রকারে)-I shall help you by any means.
  35. By hook or by crook (যে কোন প্রকারে হউক)- I will go abroad by hook or by crook.
  36. By chance (হঠাৎ)- By chance, he met me on the way.
  37. By means of (উপায়ে). He came to power by means of treachery.
  38. Bolt from the blue (বিনামেঘে বজ্রপাত)- The news of my mother’s death came to me like a bolt from the blue.
  39. Blue blood (অভিজাত্য). The man is proud of his blue blood.
  40. Bring to light (প্রকাশ করা)- Do not bring the secret to light.
  41. Break down (নষ্ট হওয়া)- His health has been broken down.
  42. Burst out (ফাটিয়া পড়া)- She burst out in anger.

Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL Beginning With ‘C

  1. Carry the day (জয়ী হওয়া)- Hurrah! Our team has carried the day.
  2. Caught red-handed (হাতে নাতে ধৃত)- The thief was caught red-handed.
  3. Crocodile tears (মায়াকান্না)- The women shed crocodile tears.
  4. Crying need (জরুরী প্রয়োজন)- Education is the crying need of a country.
  5. Come in (ভিতরে আসা)-May I come in. Sir?
  6. Cold water (নিরুৎসাহ)- Help them if you are able, but do not throw cold water on their plan.
  7. Cock sure (আস্থাশীল)- He is cock sure that the business will be lucrative.
  8. Come out (প্রকাশিত করা). The book will come out very soon.
  9. Come to nothing (নিষ্ফল হওয়া)- At last, their attempts came to nothing.
  10. Come true (সত্য ফল, সফল হওয়া)- His hope has come true.
  11. Come into fashion (প্রচলিত হওয়া)- Minu print sarees have come into fashion now a day.
  12. Cast out (বিতাড়িত করা)- He has been cast out from our society.
  13. Cast down (অবনত)- Nobody should be cast down by misfortune.
  14. Call in question (সন্দেহ করা)- None should call in question the honesty of my sister.
  15. Cats and dogs (মুষলধারে). It is raining cats and dogs.
  16. Cock and bull story (গাঁজাখুরি গল্প)- I do not believe such a cock and bull story.
  17. Catch a tartar (শক্ত লোকের পাল্লায় পড়া) He caught a tartar in him.
  18. Cut a dash (ভান করা)- Why do you cut a dash of being what you are not?
  19. Cut short (সংক্ষিপ্ত করা)- His life was cut short by a heart attack.
  20. Cut loose (বিচ্ছিন্ন করা)- He cut the package loose and showed us the articles contained in it.
  21. Cut up rough (মনঃক্ষুন্ন হওয়া, মারামারি করতে উদ্যত হওয়া)- At this works, he cut up rough.

Idioms and Phrases for UPSC Beginning With ‘D

  1. Day dream (আকাশ কুসুম কল্পনা)- Many young boys and girls waste their time in day dreams.
  2. Dilly dally (গড়িমসি করা)- Do not dilly dally and start the work right now.
  3. Do away with (উঠাইয়া দেওয়া)- Do away with your bad habits.
  4. Do without (ব্যতিরেকে চলা)- I cannot do without him.
  5. Downfall (পতন)- His downfall is due to his own fault.
  6. Downcast (বিষণ্ন)- He looked at me with downcast eyes.
  7. Dead against (ঘোর বিরোধী)- Shanta is dead against of smoking.
  8. Dead language (অপ্রচলিত ভাষা) Sanskrit is a dead language.
  9. Double game (কপটতা)- It is very bad to play a double game.
  10. Ducks and drakes (অপচয়)- Do not play ducks and drakes with your money if you want not to suffer in future.

Idioms and Phrases for RRB Beginning WithE

  1. Eat humble pie (অপমান হজম করে ক্ষমা চাওয়া)- he manager had to eat humble pie before his employees.
  2. Ever and anon (প্রায়ই)- He comes here ever and anon.
  3. Every now and then (প্রায়ই)- He writes me every now and then.
  4. Easy and free (অমায়িক)- The girl is easy and free, and so she has many friends.
  5. Escape from (মুক্তি)- Nobody will escape from death.
  6. Eligible for (যোগ্য)- He is eligible for the post.

Idioms and Phrases for NTPC Beginning WithF

  1. Fair play (প্রতারণাবিহীন কাজ)- I believe in the practice of fair play in my business.
  2. Flesh and blood (রক্তমাংসের শরীর)- No flesh and blood can endure such an insult
  3. Fall a victim to (শিকারে পরিণত হওয়া)- He fell a victim to his own folly.
  4. Fall down (পড়িয়া যাওয়া)-The boys fell down from the roof.
  5. Fond of (অনুরাগী)- I fond of sweets.
  6. Follow the footsteps of (পায়ে পায়ে অনুসরণ করা)- People always follow the footsteps of some great men.
  7. For good, For ever (চিরতরে)- Mira left the country for good.
  8. Few and far between (কদাচিত)- He comes here few and far between.
  9. Fair and square (ঠিক)- We should be fair and square in our dealings.
  10. For the sake of (জন্য)- I shall do it for the sake of prestige.
  11. Foul play (অসদাচরণ)- Be honest, do not indulge in foul play.
  12. Face to face (মুখোমুখি)- The two boys stood face to face.
  13. Fall flat (নিস্ফল হওয়া)- His advice fell flat on his brother.
  14. Far and near/Far and wide (সর্বত্র)- His fame spread far and near/wide.
  15. Fight shy of (এড়াইয়া যাওয়া)-Why do you fight shy of me?
  16. Find fault with (দোষ ধরা)- You have to correct yourself before finding fault with others.
  17. Fish out of water (অস্বস্তিকর অবস্থা)- I feel like a fish out of water in any new place.
  18. Fish to fly- Hurry up, I have other fish to fly.
  19. For nothing (মিছামিছি)- He scolds me for nothing.
  20. For the time being (আপাতত)- He is out of employment for the time being.
  21. From top to bottom (পুরোপুরি)- I read the book from top to bottom.
  22. From door to door (দ্বারেদ্বারে )- The blind boy is begging from door to door.
  23. From bad to worse (ক্রমেই খারাপ হওয়া)- His condition is getting from bad to worse.
  24. From time to time (মাঝে মাঝে)- The man comes here from time to time.
  25. From hand to mouth (দিনে এনে দিনে খাওয়া)- Many poor people of our country live from hand to mouth.

Idioms and Phrases for WB PSC Beginning WithG

  1. Go in for (পরীক্ষা দেওয়া)- Benu will go in for the S.S.C. Examination.
  2. Gall and wormwood (তিক্ততা, ঝাঁঝলতা)- The women’s words are just gall and wormwood to people.
  3. Give away (দান)- He gave away the prizes among the students.
  4. Give up the ghost (মরে যাওয়া)- The patient gave up the ghost in the hospital.
  5. Give ear (আগ্র নিয়ে শোনা)- Give ear to what your teachers say in class.
  6. Give vent to (মুক্ত হওয়া)- It is very difficult to get rid of hard friends.
  7. Good at (দক্ষ)- He is good at English!
  8. Golden opinion (উচ্চ ধারনা)- We have golden opinion about our leader.
  9. Get by heart (মুখস্ত করা)- I got the poem by heart.
  10. Give the airs of (ভান করা)- He is the son of a poor farmer whereas, he gives the airs of a rich man.
  11. Get into good graces (বন্ধুত্ব লাভ করা)- The employee tried hard to get into good graces of the manager.
  12. Get rid of (মুক্তি পাওয়া)- You should get rid of your bad habit.
  13. Go to rack and ruin (পুরোপুরি ধ্বংস হওয়া)- If the policy of the government is not effective, the economy of the country may go to rack and ruin.
  14. Go astray (বিপথে যাওয়া)- Take care of the boy that he may not go astray
  15. Go through (পড়া)- I have gone through the book.
  16. Give up (পরিত্যাগ করা) Give up your bad habits.

Idioms and phrases with examples ‘H

  1. Hard up (অভাবগ্রস্ত)- I am hard up now.
  2. Hard and fast (ধরা বাঁধা)- There is no hard and fast rule in this matter.
  3. Hang heavy (বোঝার মত মনে হওয়া)- Time hangs heavy when one waits for one’s beloved.
  4. Hold one’ tongue (চুপ করে থাকা)- He is very flippant and cannot hold his tongue for a while.
  5. Hand in glove (ঘনিষ্ঠ)- The secretary is hand in glove with the Prime Minister.
  6. Hall mark (বিশুদ্ধির চিহ্ন)- His conduct is the hall mark of his honesty.
  7. Heart and soul (প্রাণপণে)- He tried heart and soul to pass the examination.
  8. Hold good (খাটা)- The rule does not hold good here.
  9. Hand to hand (হাতাহাতি)- The two boys fought hand to hand.
  10. Head and ears (সম্পূর্ণভাবে)-I am now head and ears in debt.
  11. Head and heart (বুদ্ধিতে ও হৃদয়ে)- Vivekananda was head and heart the greatest man of this world.
  12. Hey day (বয়সকাল)- He amassed much wealth in his hey day and now he is happy in this old age.
  13. Hold with (একমত হওয়া)-I could not hold with him on this point.
  14. Hole and corner (লুকোচুরি)- Nobody likes your hole and corner policy.
  15. Hard and fast (ধরাবাধা)- There is the hard and fast rule in Algebra.
  16. Hard by (সন্নিকটে)- The market is hard by our house.
  17. High time (উপযুক্ত সময়) It is high time to sow the seeds.
  18. High and low (ছোট বড় সবাই)- All men, high and low, attended the public meeting.
  19. Hue and cry (চীৎকার করা)- They raised a hue and cry when the robbers came.

Beginning WithI

  1. In case (যদি)- Keep this umbrella with you in case there will be rain.
  2. In the long run (পরিমাণে) Virtue wins in the long run.
  3. In spite of (সত্ত্বেও)- In spite of hard labour, he could not pass in the exam.
  4. In black and white (লিখিতভাবে)- Give your statement in black and white.
  5. In lieu of (পরিবর্তে) Bulbul took Civics in lieu of Urdu.
  6. In as much as (যেহেতু)- In as much as the book was of no value to him, he sold it out.
  7. in the nick of time (ঠিক সময়)- He reached the station in the nick of time.
  8. In keeping with (সামঞ্জস্য রাখিয়া)-you should spend in keeping with your income.
  9. In no time (শীঘ্রই). He will come here in no time.
  10. In front of (সামনে)- There is a school in front of the hospital.
  11. In the hope of (আশায়)-Man works in the hope of success.
  12. In the teeth of (বিরুদ্ধে). Don’t lose heart in the teeth of opposition.
  13. In full swing (পুরাদমে) The project is running in full swing.
  14. in the guise of (ছদ্মবেশে)- He came here in the guise of a saint.
  15. In the cart (হতবুদ্ধি)- I was in the cart when I met my enemy on my way to home.
  16. In cold blood (বিনা উত্তেজনায়)- He killed the boy in cold blood.
  17. In quest of (অনুসন্ধানে)-The police came in quest of dacoits.
  18. In favour of (অনুকূলে)- The wind is in favour of him.
  19. Ins and outs (খুটিনাটি) I know ins and outs of the matter.
  20. in a nutshell (সংক্ষেপে) Tell me the story in a nutshell.
  21. In the wake of (পশ্চাতে)- Famine comes in the wake of flood. vogue.
  22. in vogue (প্রচলিত)- This fashion is now In vague.
  23. In a fix (সমস্যা)- I am now in a fix. order to buy a book.
  24. In order to (উদ্দেশ্য)- He went there in order to buy a book.
  25. In point of (সমন্ধে) He is junior to me in point of age.
  26. In accordance with (অনুসারে) We acted in accordance with his advice.
  27. In a body (একযোগে)- They went to him in a body.
  28. In case of (যদি)- In case of your failure what will you do?
  29. Instead of (পরিবর্তে). He took rice instead of curry.
  30. in good faith (সরল বিশ্বাসে)- I signed the deed in good faith.
  31. In a word (সংক্ষেপে)- He told the story in a word to all present.
  32. In search of (সন্ধানে)- He went there in search of a light.
  33. In the least (মোটেও)- She was not in the least hungry.
  34. In respect of (বিষয়ে)- He is junior to me in respect of age.
  35. in view of (বিবেচনা করিয়া) in view of his merit (মেধা) he has been
  36. In honour of (সম্মানে)- A party was given in honour of the guest.
  37. In the eye of (অনুসারে)- All men are equal in the eye of law.
  38. in disguise (ছদ্মবেশে)- He went there in disguise.
  39. in season and out of season (সময়ে অসময়ে ) He bothers ( বিরক্ত করা) me in season and out of season.
  40. In vain (বৃথা) He tried but in vain.
  41. in short (সংক্ষেপে) Tell me the story in short.

Idioms and Phrases With Bengali MeaningsJ

  1. Jog trot (একঘেয়ে, মন্দগতি)- They are advancing in a jog-trot with their business.
  2. Jack of all trades (সবজান্তা) He is the jack of all trades but master of none.
  3. Jump at an offer (সাগ্রহে গ্রহণ করা)- he lady secretary jumped at the post of the marketing manager.

Beginning WithK

  1. Kith and kin (আত্মীয় -স্বজন)- All his kith and kin left him.
  2. Keep up with (চালিয়ে যাওয়া). Try to keep up with the progress of the class.
  3. Know no bounds (অসীম)- The kindness of the boy knew no bounds.
  4. Key stone (মূলনীতি)- Equality for all is the key stone of the democratic system of our country.
  5. Knocking at the door (খুব নিকটে) Our examination is knocking at the door
  6. Kiss the dust (নিহত হওয়া, বিজয়ীর কাছে নত হওয়া)- Many people in Russia are kissing the ground for liberty.

Beginning WithL

  1. Lame excuse (বাজে অজুহাত). It is nothing but a lame excuse
  2. Lay hands on (ধরা)- They tried to lay hands on the robbers but failed.
  3. Loaves and fishes (ব্যক্তি স্বার্থ). Many people run after loaves and fishes.
  4. Lead astray (বিপথে পরিচালিত করা)- Do not mix with those bad boys, they will lead you astray.
  5. Laughing stock (উপহাসের পাএ) His foolish remark made him a laughing stock.
  6. Lead by the nose (আদেশ পালনে বাধ্য করা)- You must lead that boy by the nose, he is very audacious.
  7. Lions share (সিংহভাগ) The lion’s share of the profit will go to him.
  8. Letter by heart (মখুস্থ করা)- Learn this poem by heart.
  9. Loaves and fishes (ব্যক্তিগত লাভ)- Try to think of others, not for your own loaves and fishes.
  10. Live fast (অমিতাচার)- Do not live fast, lest you should suffer in the long run.
  11. Lie in wait (ওৎ পেতে থাকা)- The fox lay in wait for a hen.

Beginning WithM

  1. Make good (ক্ষতিপূরণ করা)- You should make good of your loss
  2. Man of letters (বিদ্বান ব্যক্তি)- Dr. Meghnath Saha was man of letters.
  3. Make out (বুঝতে পারা)- I cannot make out the meaning of the poem
  4. Man of straw (অপদার্থ লোক)- Such an important work cannot be done by such a man of straw.
  5. Maiden speech (প্রথম বক্তৃতা)- His maiden speech charmed us all.
  6. Mince a matter (অর্ধেক কথা গালে রেখে অর্ধেক বলা)- Speak straightly, do not mince a matter.
  7. Muster strong (একএিত)- The people mustered strong in the field.
  8. Make the best use of (সর্বাপেক্ষা সদ্ব্যবহার করা)- We should make the best use of our unconventional resources.
  9. Move heaven and earth (যথাসাধ্য চেষ্টা করা)- She moved heaven and earth to pass the exam, but failed.
  10. Make headway (উন্নতি করা)- When will education make headway in our country.

Beginning WithN

  1. null and void(বাতিল)-The rule has been declared null and void.
  2. Near at hand (খুব কাছাকাছি)- The final examination of the students in near at hand.
  3. Nest egg (হাতের পাঁচ)- I cannot part with this piece of land, it is my nest egg.
  4. Now and then (বাতিল)- He comes here now and then.
  5. Next to nothing (না বললেও চলে, প্রায় কিছুই না)- The man has some money, but it is next to nothing.
  6. Nip in the bud (অঙ্কুরে বিনাশ হওয়া)- All his hopes were nipped in the bud.
  7. Neck and crop (আপাদমস্তক)- She went out in the rain and got wet neck and crop.
  8. Nom-de-plume (কলমী ছদ্ম নাম)- Rabindranath wrote some poems under the nom-de-plume of Vanu Singha.

bengali Starting with ‘O’

  1. On the contrary (পক্ষান্তরে)- He hates me, on the contrary I love him much.
  2. Out of doors (বাহিরে) He is too weak to go out of doors.
  3. On no account (কিছুতেই না)-I shall on no account do it.
  4. Once in a way (কদাচিৎ)- He makes such foolish decision only once in a way.
  5. On the ground of – She stayed home on the ground of illness.
  6. On the eve of (প্রাক্কালে)- I saw him on the eve of his departure.
  7. On account of (কিছুতেই না)- He is absent on account of illness.
  8. Out of date (অপ্রচলিত) This fashion is now out of date of his departure.
  9. Out of the question (অসম্ভব)- It is out of the question for me to buy so many books in a month.
  10. Out and out (সম্পূর্ণরূপে )- He is out and out a rogue.
  11. of late (সম্প্রতি) Of late he is working hard.
  12. Over head and ears (জর্জরিত )- He is over head and ears
  13. Oil one’s tongue (তোষামোদ করা)- The man earns by oiling his tongue.
  14. On hand (অধিকারে)- I have two pens on hand.
  15. Out of sorts (অসুস্থ)-I feel out of sorts today.
  16. Of course (স্বভাবত)- Of course, he is sad for the loss of his pen.
  17. Of no Avail (বৃথা)- All our efforts were of no avail.
  18. Off and on (মাঝেমাঝে)- He comes here off and on.
  19. On the point of (উদ্যত)- He is on the point of death.
  20. On the alert (সতর্ক)- Be on the alert when you sleep alone in this room.
  21. Out burst (উচ্ছ্বাস)- His out burst of feeling moved us all.
  22. Out of away (বহুগুণে)- Our house is out and away higher than theirs.
  23. Outlook (দৃষ্টিভঙ্গি )- We should have broad outlook on life.
  24. Outcome (ফলাফল)- His failure is the outcome of his idleness.
  25. Output (উৎপাদন)- I warned him at the very output.
  26. Overlook (উপেক্ষা করা)- He overlooked his son’s faults.
  27. Outcast (জাতিভ্রষ্ট )- He is an outcast.
  28. One and all (সবাই)- The players one and all entered the playground.
  29. On good terms (সদ্ভাব)- They are on good terms with one another.
  30. Once again (আবার)- I shall see him once again.
  31. Once for all (চিরতরে)- She parted with her relative once for all.
  32. On the whole (মোটের ওপর)- His conduct is, on the whole, satisfactory.
  33. On the score of (কারণে, যুক্তিতে)- She stayed home on the score of illness.
  34. Out of order (অকেজো হওয়া)- The machine has gone out of order.

idioms and phrases PDF in bengali with ‘P’

  1. Part and parcel (অবিচ্ছেদ অংশ)- Habit is a part and parcel of man.
  2. Pave the way (পথ প্রশস্ত করা)- Hard labour can pave the way to your success.
  3. proud of (গর্বিত)- He is proud of his wealth.
  4. Pick a quarrel (ঝগড়া বাঁধানো)- Never pick a quarrel with anyone.
  5. Pros and cons (সুবিধা-অসুবিধা)- He considered the pros and cons of the matter.
  6. Pillar to post (এক স্থান থেকে অন্য স্থানে)- Vagabonds wander from pillar to post all through their life.
  7. Palmy days (সুসময়ে)- I had many friends in my palmy days.
  8. Play tricks (প্রতারণা করার চেষ্টা করা)- The man was sorry for his playing tricks with him.
  9. Puppet in the hand (অন্যের দ্বারা চালিত ব্যক্তি)- A leader should not be a pupper in the hands of his/her followers.
  10. Pin money (স্বামীর দ্বারা স্ত্রীকে প্রদত্ত হাতখরচ)- She saved all her pin money and bought a nice present for her husband.
  11. Patch up the quarrel (বিবাদ মীমাংসা করা)- Will anybody volunteer to patch up the quarrel between the two relatives?

phrases beginning withQ

  1. Quarrel with one’s bread and butter (জীবিকার কাজ ছেড়ে দেওয়া)- He took a hasty decision on the spur of the moment and quarrel with his bread and butter.
  2. Quick march (দ্রুত অগ্রসরণ)- All were astonished at the quick march of communism in Russia but now they more astonished at its receding back.

idioms and phrases beginning withR

  1. Red letter day (স্মরণীয় দিন)- The 16th December is a red-letter day in the history of Bangladesh.
  2. Rain cats and dogs (প্রবল বৃষ্টিপাত হওয়া)- It has been raining cats and dogs for two hours.
  3. Red letter day (স্মরণীয় দিন)- The 21st of February is a red letter day to all the Bengalees.
  4. Right and left (সব দিক দিয়ে)- We attacked our enemies right and left.
  5. Run one’s race (জীবন যাপন করা)- That poor man runs his race in a miserable way.
  6. Rain or shine (সকল প্রকার আবহাওয়া)- I must go there, rain or shine.
  7. Red handed (হাতে নাতে)- The robbers were caught red handed by the public.
  8. Rise and fall (উত্থান-পতন)- Without facing any rise and fall of life, no one can be great.
  9. Rise in arms (সশস্ত্র বিদ্রোহ)- Some personnel of the army of Russia rose in arms against Gorbachev.

beginning withS

  1. Set up (স্থাপন করা)- He set up a school in our village.
  2. Sack cloth and ashes (শোকের পোষাক)- Today is your birthday so do not put on such sack cloth and ashes.
  3. Stone’s throw (নিকটবর্তী)- The school is at stone’s throw from their house.
  4. Safe and sound (নিরাপদে)- He arrived here safe and sound.
  5. See into mill stone (বুদ্ধি রাখা)- This person can see into mill stone, how will you deceive him?
  6. See through (ধরে ফেলা)- I could easily see through your design.
  7. Set out (রওয়ানা হওয়া)- He set out for Dhaka.
  8. Steer clear of (এড়াইয়া যাওয়া)- I could steer clear of the difficulty.
  9. Sum and substance (সারমর্ম)- Give in your own words the sum and substance of the story.
  10. Swan song (কবির শেষ রচনা)- Do you know what the swan song of Shelley is?
  11. See the light (জন্মগ্রহণ করা)- A human being has seen the light tonight in the hospital.
  12. Sworn enemy (পরম শত্রু)- He is my sworn enemy.
  13. Short temper (রগ চটা লোক)- I cannot manage well enough with this short temper.
  14. Slow coach (ধীর ব্যক্তি)- A slow coach cannot prosper in life.
  15. Scot free (আঘাত ব্যতীত, অনাহত)- The robbers were able to go away scot free.
  16. So so (এক রকম)- I am so so.
  17. Slow coach (অপদার্থ)- Nothing important can be done with such a slow coach as you.
  18. So to say (বলিতে গেলে)- He is, so to say, a good boy.

idioms beginning withT

  1. Through thick and thin (আপদে-বিপদে)- He was by my side through thick and thin
  2. Tall talk (বড় বড় কথা, বাগাড়ম্বর)- He has become a laughing stock only for his tall talk.
  3. Through and through (সম্পূর্ন)- I have read the book through and through.
  4. Ten to one (খুব সম্ভবত)- Ten to one, this girl will pass in the examination.
  5. To the last (শেষ পর্যন্ত)- He fought to the last for me.
  6. To the letter (পীড়াপীড়ি)- Student must carry out their teacher’s advice to the letter.
  7. To the contrary (বিপক্ষে)- He has nothing to say to the contrary.
  8. To take to air (প্রকাশ হওয়া) Their plan has taken to air.
  9. Take to one’s heels (পলায়ন করা)- The robbers took in their heeal at the sight of the police.
  10. Tooth and nail (প্রাণপণে) We opposed him tooth and nail.
  11. To and fro (এদিক-ওদিক)- He is moving to and fro.
  12. To run short (কম পড়া)- I have run short of funds.
  13. To take to task (ঘৃণা করা)- His brother took him to task for this act.
  14. The three R’s (মোটামুটি জ্ঞান)- I learnt the three R’s at home.

beginning withU

  1. Up and doing (তৎপর হওয়া)- Be up and doing for the examination.
  2. Ups and downs (উত্থান-পতন)- Every man has ups and downs in life.
  3. Upset (উল্টাইয়া ফেলা)- He upset the lamp.
  4. Under lock and key (তালাবদ্ধ )- The house is under lock and key.

beginning withW

  1. Wear and tear (ক্ষয়ক্ষতি )- Nothing can stand the wear and tear.
  2. With one accord (একমত হয়ে)- They finished the meeting with one accord.
  3. Weal and owe (সুখ-দুঃখ )- He will follow me in weal and owe.
  4. Wipe out (মুছে ফেলা)- We should try to wipe out illiteracy.
  5. Withheld (স্হগিত রাখা) His result was withheld.
  6. Well off (স্বচ্ছল)- Farmers are now well off.
  7. With a view to (উদ্দেশ্যে)- I went to Bogra with a view to buying some books.
  8. With an eye to (লক্ষ্য রেখে)- She started a business with an ete to handsome payoffs.
  9. Without fail (অবশ্যই) He will see me tomorrow without fail.
  10. Well up (দক্ষ)- He is well up in English.

এই ধরণের পিডিএফ বিনামূল্যে পেতে হলে আমাদের টেলিগ্রাম চ্যানেলে আজই যুক্ত হয়ে যান। টেলিগ্রাম অ্যাপটি খুলে সার্চ করুণ “Students Care” অথবা নীচের ক্লিক করুণ

আজকের আলোচনায় আমরা জানলাম idioms meaning in bengali গুলি। আশাকরছি এগুলি আপনার আগত পরীক্ষাতে কাজে লাগবে।

Idioms and Phrases With Bengali Meanings PDF Download Section

Students Care

স্টুডেন্টস কেয়ারে সকলকে স্বাগতম! বাংলা ভাষায় জ্ঞান চর্চার সমস্ত খবরা-খবরের একটি অনলাইন পোর্টাল "স্টুডেন্ট কেয়ার"। পশ্চিমবঙ্গের সকল বিদ্যালয়, মহাবিদ্যালয় ও বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের ছাত্র-ছাত্রীদের এবং সমস্ত চাকুরী প্রার্থীদের জন্য, এছাড়াও সকল জ্ঞান পিপাসু জ্ঞানী-গুণী ব্যক্তিবর্গদের সুবিধার্থে আমাদের এই ক্ষুদ্র প্রচেষ্টা।  

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