WBCS Preliminary 2020 Question Paper PDF with Answer [English]

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WBCS Preliminary 2020 Question Paper PDF

আরও পড়ুন- [ WBCS বিগত দশ বছরের প্রশ্ন পত্র PDF]

1.  Select the correct meaning of the idiom underlined below :

The singer was not in voice

(A) Lost voice        (B) To sing well       (C) Had a cough      (D) Sang well

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2.  Fill in the blank with the correct word :

——— his illness, he attended the function.

(A) Inspite        (B) Due        (C) As of       (D) Despite

3.   Fill in the blank with the correct word :

The stream was ——— by the waterfall.

(A) Fed       (B) Fed up       (C) Filled       (D) Fulled

4.   Fill in the blank with the correct word :

A ——— Star was seen in the sky.

(A) Strengthening        (B) Shooting       (C) Shunting       (D) Staring

5.   ‘Puts one in mind’ means
(A) Resolved        (B) Decided         (C) Reminds       (D) Received

6.   ‘Book’ may be used with

(A) Trousers        (B) Insects        (C) Ticket        (D) Painting

7.   Choose the correct meaning of the word from the alternatives given below :

(A) A grand tour       (B) A specific category      (C) A chauffeur       (D) A long List

8.   Put in a correct Participle in the blank space Mary ———, we were freed from anxiety.

(A) Having arrived       (B) Rolling       (C) Tattered       (D) Being arrived

9.   Choose the word opposite in meaning to thi  word underlined below :

The crowd felt stupefied by the lecture.

(A) Engulfed       (B) Entertained        (C) Enthused       (D) Encouraged

10.  Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word underlined below

The silence of the children was sinister.

(A) Catnap       (B) Cacophony        (C) Coarse       (D) Cruelty

11.  ‘Hand and glove’ means

(A) Arrogance       (B) Enemy       (C) Maintain a distance       (D) Intimate terms

12.  Use suitable auxiliary verb to fill in the blank space :

Mother says you —— to go to the market at once.

(A) Have        (B) Are       (C) Shall       (D) Will

13.  Fill in the space with an Infinitive :

— — fault is easy

(A) to begin        (B) to bury      (C) to read       (D) to find

14.  There was a —— on the midnight train. (Insert correct phrasal verb)

(A) Hold up       (B) Hold in        (C) Hold        (D) Hold out

15.  Insert correct adverb phrase in the blank space :

Do this in a short time, in a —— manner.

(A) Former       (B) Swift       (C) Brave        (D) Unwise

16.   Insert proper preposition in the sentence :

He hinted —  some loss treasure.

(A) of        (B) for         (C) with        (D) at

17.   Fill in the blank with the correct word :

You had better —  permission.

(A) Want        (B) Ask       (C) Call       (D) Order

18.   Fill in with relative pronoun the blank space below:

Who —— saw her did not pity her ?

(A) What        (B) Which        (C) That        (D) Such

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