UGC NET GEOGRAPHY MCQ (Cartography & Statistical Methods) Part-1

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Now we will discuss UGC NET. Today is our topic  UGC NET GEOGRAPHY MCQ. 20th questions are discussed with the answer.

1) Which of the following is not mathematical average?

a) AM 

b) Median

c) Mode

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d) Partition values


2) The climatic data represented by

a) Multiple bar diagrams

b) Wheel diagram

c) Divided circle diagram

d) Star diagram


3) Circle and sector diagram is also known as-

a) Pictorial diagram

b) Pie diagram

c) Ring diagram

d) Pile diagram


4 Proportional circles also are known as-

a) Graduated circles

b) Divided circles

c) Pie diagram

d) Circle diagram


5) In which of the following projection correct bearing or azimuthal are preserved?

a) Zenithal projection

b) Cylindrical equal-area projection

c) Conical equal-area projection

d) Bonne’s Projection


6) The best method to show the relief maps is-

a) Drawing contours

b) Using different colors

c) Using hachure

d) None of these


7) The method of mapping depends on the-

a) Size of the area

b) Degree of accuracy aimed at

c) Amount of details required

d) All of the above


8) The name ‘Remote Sensing’ was first coined in-

a) 1950

b) 1960

c) 1970

d) 1980


9) The polyconic projection was developed by___, who was an American cartographer.

a) Lambert

b) Ferdinand Hassler

c) Gerhard Kremer

d) Glareanus


10) The line showing the depth of the seabed are called-

a) Isobars

b) Isobaths

c) Contours

d) Cliff


11) Which category of maps will be the best suited to show the distribution pattern and forms of settlement

a) Chorochromatic

b) Chromoschematic

c) Choropleth

d) Isopleth


12) Which of the following projection is neither orthomorphic nor equal in area?

a) Mercaroe’s

b) Stereographic normal zenithal projection

c) Simple cylindrical projection

d) Orthographic polar zenithal projection


13) Disconnected lines used for showing slope on maps are called-

a) Bench marks

b) Hachure

c) Form lines

d) Contours


14) In which of the following projection the property of equal area is maintained?

a) Polyconic Projection

b) International Projection

c) Bonne’s Projection

d) Conical projection with two standard parallel.


15) The representative Fraction of international map is-

a) 1” = 15.78 miles

b) 1” = 10 miles

c) 1” = 15 miles

d) 1” = 20 miles


16) Which of the following maps is also known as Morph graphic map?

a) Land slope map

b) Landform map

c) Flatland-ratio map

d) Isogonic map


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17) In which of the following maps main stress is given on the determination of topographical feature and relief?

a) Geological

b) Planimetric

c) Hypsometric

d) Thematic


18) A line graph is preferred to the diagrams when-

a) There is a very wide difference in the values the quantities to be presented

b) Data are not continuous that is there are breaks in the data

c) The number of quantities is very large

d) all of the above


19) Which of the following projection is suitable for areas like the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans?

a) Cylindrical equal-area projection

b) Stereographic cylindrical projection

c) Equal area projection of stereographic normal zenithal

d) Cylindrical equal area projection.


20) In which projection the parallels are drawn from different centers?

a) Polyconic

b) Bonne’s

c) Mercator

d) Simple Conical

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